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Only together we are stronger! 420 Macedonia & Aussie Canna educate about cannabis every day!

If activists and patients from all over the world stand up together for our rights we can repeal the laws faster! First of all we have to educate and let the people know more about what we are actually doing on a daily basis to make this change. That is why we asked one of the representatives of the Australian organization AUSSIE CANNA a couple of interesting questions about their remarkable holly work. Remember that one educated person a day means infinity for our future!

Carl Smith from Australia
"Aussie Canna Seeds is Australian born and bred. This is a page where we encourage all to talk about all things canna seed related, but always keep in mind the laws and regulations in your state or territory. Have fun on the page and always keep the respect of others a concern. Australia we hope is on the edge of legalising this wonderful plant we know is medicine, let's do our best to make this happen" - says on their Facebook group Aussie Canna.

420 Macedonia: Tell us about your organization? How did you started and when? What did you do at the very beginning of your movement and how was it progressing? What were your initial goals and what are your current goals? How many members does your group have?

Carl Smith: Heya Monique thanks for having me on masadonia 420. I originally started another group called" Fair Dinkum ozzy trader's " because I was sick of dealing with people in other countries and paying  $50 plus for one seed. I like to trade or barter rather than use cash so I posted on an American seed trading site aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi. I knew this would get the attention of any Australians in the group. A few aussie contacted me and we started trading amongst ourselves and from those few aussie getting together was the birth of aussie canna. From the initial 3 members we were 1200 members in 8 weeks. My initial goal was to meet aussie growers and breeders so I could start a seed bank before the big pharmaceutical companies buy all the rights to cannabis and decide for us what weed we should smoke. This quickly morphed into this beautiful thing we call aussie canna. Our goals now are to spread the word on the amazing healing properties that cannabis has within a simple plant. We also want to share the knowledge on how to make this amazing herb into a medicine and have fun doing it as we go and most importantly change these out dated laws on medical and recreational use. We are nearly 1500 members as we speak and growing every day.

420 Macedonia: Please tell us about yourself (age, education, interests) and your personal story and involvement in this movement for  freedom of the Holy plant that has the most healing properties and not a single negative aspect… The only negative aspect of cannabis is that it is still illegal in our countries :) So, how old were you when you tried weed for the first time and why? What is your fav strain and method of consumption? How often do you smoke? How weed is helping your overall health? 

Carl Smith: I'm 48 years old and I finished basic high school education. At 15 years old I left school and became an apprentice butcher. Along with gardening, gaming on the Playstation and fishing I have lots of passions in life. I really started smoking cannabis at 15 -16 years old although my first experience with cannabis was at the age of 10. My mums partner had left a half finished bowl in the bong. I had gotten up early to watch cartoons and I seen the smoking bowl and the mouth pieceon this bong  and I got the idea. I had tried cigarettes a couple weeks earlier so I lit it up and bubbled away. I didn't really get stoned off the first time though, it probably was low grade and not enough to get me high. I strongly believe kids should not smoke cannabis until their brains are fully developed in their early 20s, but that's just my opinion. As aussie canna has grown we have become strong advocates in all areas of the cannabis community. At the moment my favorite strain is gorilla glue for the taste and the heady high. I like to smoke in every way possible but I'm mostly a pipe guy. I am waiting on a vape to come in the mail to add to my collection of weapons of mass peace. I'm right into dabs at the moment as well as taking oils and edibles to relieve my pain, anxiety and inflammation of my dislocated shoulder and constant pain from a degenerative bone disease.

420 Macedonia: Tell us about the most touching story of a patient that you and your organization has helped with cannabis oil and everything that comes with it (24/7 support; advises; your precious time…)? 

Carl Smith: We strive to help our members with all questions no matter how big or small. I give the people new to growing 24 hrs phone side service if needed to our members. I try to reply to all my members notifications and pms within 30 minutes. We as a group have helped many people navigate the mine field that is trying to obtain oils and meds, we can't openly give these things out but we can steer them in the right direction to get said medications.we have many healers in the canna community but the biggest name and all round beautiful person is Jenny hallam .This healing angle is prepared to go to prison for the right of everyone to be able to use medical cannabis. Jenny is a real hero and I'm really a Jonny come lately that's got some attention but I'm using my platform to spread the word on medical cannabis. I have only activity joined the moment this year but I've been active on fakebook, talking to doctors or anyone who wants to hear. I have put a couple thousand dollars into tshirts stickers canna information but my biggest achievement is giving away thousands of seeds. I attended all the cannabis gathering visit members and always give people I meet seeds. to date I've given away or traded 1370 seeds and at one meeting gave over 300 seeds out in a few hours.

420 Macedonia: Explain your connection with the herb! What CANNABIS means for you? 

Carl Smith: Cannabis has been in my life for 30 plus years, I started like most people getting high with friends. it has helped me on a much bigger level though. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease that left me unable to work in the physical trade of butchering. My Dr prescribed oxycodone for the pain and within a short time I was addicted. Long story short 15 years later I'm taking massive doses to get buy, getting my family to get them for me. this was unsustainable so my next move was heroin , detox facility or detox myself. I chose to do it myself at my mums with having a safe place to live fresh healthy diet and loads of cannabis to dull the pain and get me through the day. As well as help me beat an opiate addiction it makes me smile, helps me to be creative, helps with pain and inflammation and generally keeps me happy and healthy

420 Macedonia: Would you like to visit our country Macedonia and to make together some event a gathering of pot lovers and patients at which we will educate them, answer their questions, record their personal stories with cannabis? If yes, when would it be possible?

Carl Smith: Hell yeah I want to come visit you guys and check out your scene. I would love to ride this wave I call the Pharmaceutical Revolution around the world using cannabis as my weapons of mass peace. As soon as I can make enough money  (increasing hard to do )and get a passport I'm there. I would love to meet all you guy's and answer any questions and hear your personal stories, but most of all I want to try some of your weed.

420 Macedonia: What is your message to the police that is abusing the laws? Your message which harasses cannabis users, journalists and activists whose life purpose it to repeal the cannabis laws?

Carl Smith: My message to the police is ease up guy's and treat us as normal people and not criminals. I can't speak for your police but ours are pretty good and just doing their jobs. I have heard of police turning a blind eye to the small stuff. I'm sure our police force would rather be fighting real crime and would love to be free from chasing small time florists as we are calling them hear.

420 Macedonia: How do you like our movement 420 Macedonia that is local, but International too? What is your message to Macedonian stoners? What is your message to Australian stoners? What is your message to the world?

Carl Smith: I think you guy's in the masadonian 420 scene are very brave pioneers risking jail to do what's right. As an individual the fight is local but people like yourself and me talking at all hours is fighting on a global level and I do feel like a pioneer and canna warrior. My message to the masadonian 420 crew is to keep doing what you are doing, try to educate one person a day but most of all stay SAFE: 
Everyday = S.A.F.E.

420 Macedonia: If you have something to add? :)

Carl Smith: Thanks for having me Monique and talking about the issues. My message for the Australian movement is let's break down these division we have between the groups. We need to check our ego's at the door and unite to form a mega canna army rally at court cases, parliament and block the streets with our peaceful protest and shear mass. Our next big fight is Jenny hallam is pleading not guilty on the 23rd of November 10 am magistrates court. everyone who can make it please join us in this fight to end prohibition. #peace out and stay high fam

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