Friday, January 5, 2018

SAY NO TO Plant Growth Regulators! 420 Macedonia is supporting Aussie Canna’s campaign for organic weed

What's cracking 420 pot family? We need your help. This is the third article about 420 Macedonia & Aussie Canna and the reason are PGRs. 420 Macedonia has been following Aussie Canna’s #SAYNOTOPGRS campaign which made us aware of PGRs in the pot we are getting here in Macedonia. That is why we instantly asked one of the founding members of this group, Carl Smith, a couple of questions for some further clarifications

420 Macedonia: How are you dear colleague warrior for the freedom of this herb? How are things going lately? 

Carl Smith: Thanks hon also probably getting a little burnt out as I'm lobbying hard amongst the groups for unity I'm also part of a new political party, THE PROGRESSIVE AUSTRALIA PARTY, I'm involved in organizing BBQs and event's plus all my Aussie Canna stuff so it's all work with no play lol. I will be fine I'm bound to have a low after months of highs 💚💚💚💚💚

420 Macedonia: What is PGR cannabis? Can you please explain to the world? And what is this campaign all about?

Carl Smith: My latest crusade is against PGR'S (PERFORMANCE GROWTH REGULATORS). It makes the buds rock hard and heavy, so nice for the eye to look at, but it kills the smell, taste, potency and worse of all – this weed can harm your health! It can cause serious health risks, rock bud PGRs has turned cannabis into a poison for profit. With my profile I have made organic weed popular and the dealers in south Australia can't sell it. So the buds with PGR may look better, but it does not mean that they truly are.

With PGR
420 Macedonia: What is your goal with this anti PGRs campaign?

Carl Smith: My 🔥#SAYNOTOPGRS 🔥 campaign has been a success so I guess I got a few growers and dealers hating me. Lol I'm proud to have enough pull to tell the people to say no to bad pot and they listen. If you say no to bad quality weed, “they” will get the good stuff. Members are sending me picks as proof. I'm still compiling pictures and stories and as soon as I get more of them we can make an update on this story.

420 Macedonia: What have you done lately about this campaign?

Carl Smith: I mentioned that we are preparing the new (third article) on the FB group of Aussie Canna yesterday to mobilize the members to send me their stories of pgr weed making them sick. There's has been a good response. I am doing my homework 💚

420 Macedonia: We are also trying to unite all the groups all the time, because we know that only together we are stronger. Tell us more about the whole cannabis community in Australia? Do you cooperate?

Carl Smith: I've had a few ups and downs and a few haters too. I wish I could say it doesn't bother me but it does and kills my creativity. Ironically all the hate is coming from the cannabis community. Other groups other people I guess they are hating because they aren't as successful as Aussie Canna. If the haters are taking time from their busy hating schedule to hate on me, it must mean I'm making waves. 

With PGR
420 Macedonia: How can we help you with this anti PGRs campaign?

Carl Smith: People send up for your right! We need your help! We want you to send us pictures of pgr pot you have got in the past and also your experience or horror stories. Also looking for any medical info on PGRs and please share this article in order to help us make this campaign global.

420 Macedonia: Your predictions for the near future of our mutual fight? What according to you will happen next I mean to help us repeal the laws?

Carl Smith: Heya Monique it's not official yet, but we are working on a bill for whole plant legalization this year. Hopefully this is the year, I will keep you posted hon. Keep up the good fight canna warrior princess.

Stay strong!

Interviewer: MoniQue Konopova
Interviewee: Carl Smith

With PGR

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